Leading and Managing Takes Time!

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July 13, 2017
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Helping my clients implement EOS in their businesses, I’ve heard a few leaders say “I feel like I’m spending more time working ON the business and I just don’t have the time for it”.

The Real Issue
When we define the issue and dig a little deeper, we often discover the real issue is many leadership and management tasks were just not being identified and addressed in the past. The company was running a bit on autopilot when it came to accountability and employee development.

During day 1 (EOS Focus Day), when we work on the Accountability Chart, the first role we define for anyone who has direct reports is LMA (Leading, Managing, and holding people Accountable). We recognize, right up front, that leadership and management is a vital role and it takes time.

Many Hats
In most small businesses, the same person’s name appears in more than one ‘seat’ on the Accountability Chart. It’s just a fact of growth. Leaders wear many ‘hats’ – often spending all of their time working ‘IN’ the business. You need to take time to think strategically in order to grow. Do you have enough time to excel at each position simultaneously? What will your role be 3 years from now?  What are your Unique Abilities and how can you best serve the business – doing what you love and are great at. Which hat do you take off first? Where are you already facing a time constraint?

5 Critical Management Tasks:

  1. Keep expectations clear
  2. Communicate well
  3. Have the right meeting ‘pulse’ (frequency)
  4. Have quarterly conversations with your direct reports
  5. Reward and recognize

5 Critical Leadership Tasks:

  1. Give clear direction
  2. Provide necessary tools
  3. Delegate
  4. Act with the greater good in mind
  5. Take ‘Clarity Breaks’ – time to meditate on your role and think strategically

LMALeading, Managing, and holding people Accountable: It takes time.

Next Steps:

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