About Paul Levering

Paul is a Certified EOS Implementer® - trained by Gino Wickman and Mike Paton to help coach leadership teams through the full implementation of the EOS® tools in their businesses. In addition, Paul has a great deal of direct business experience:

  • 15 years corporate experience
  • 20 years running 3 companies of his own (2 startups, 1 acquisition)
  • 13-year member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) including 9 years on the board member including President
  • Had a company acquired - acquired one as well
  • Professionally trained and licensed by EOS® Worldwide as a Certified EOS Implementer®
  • Implemented EOS® in his own organization - he's not only a facilitator, he's a peer - experiencing EOS® in his own business

To learn more about my EOS Implementation services, please visit my official EOS website: eosworldwide.com/paul-levering

Paul Levering in EOS Presentation Session"In my 54 years, I’ve spent most of my life learning about, studying, and practicing the science of business.

My father started his own company and it failed pretty spectacularly. In my family, I saw stress, illness, divorce, and eventually the foreclosure of our home. Though it didn’t feel like it at the time, that turned out to be a pretty great learning experience for all of us!

After working my way through business school and 12 years in the corporate world, I started my first real company – a Hosted VoIP telephone company. I grew FeatureTel for 8 ½ years to a successful exit and then worked for the acquirer to help transition the leadership team and hit our earnout. We employed many of the EOS tools before we knew what EOS was.

In that process, I joined EO (the Entrepreneurs’ Organization). I helped grow the chapter from 25 to 70 members – serving as president for a year. I’m still a member and for the past 11 years I’ve met every month - for six hours a month - with 14 other business owners – learning about each other’s challenges and solving issues together. (We. Live. Business.)

After exiting the VoIP business and taking a year off, I bought 2 commercial HVAC companies with a partner. Learning about the EOS® tools as a trained Certified EOS Implementer, I applied EOS® there and we doubled revenues over the first 3 years while structuring myself out of the day-to-day operations.

Now, I’m getting to do for others what I loved doing most in any of my businesses – helping leadership teams clarify, simplify and achieve their vision."

If you are interested in taking your organization to the NEXT LEVEL, Contact Me for a FREE 90-Minute Workshop

The 90-Minute Meeting: A free overview of the EOS tools and the implementation process for your leadership team.

Focus Day: The first day of implementation. We cover what it takes to break through roadblocks and logjams and then get to work on the first 4 EOS foundational tools.

2-Day Vision Building: We follow up on the work done in Focus Day and get through the process of building your long term vision and quarterly Rocks.

Quarterly Pulsing: This is the maintenance phase of the EOS process when we come together every 90 days to review and learn from the past, get back on the same page with the vision, and plan the next 90 days.

Annual Planning: Similar to the Quarterly meeting - but with more time for Annual Planning and building team health.