10 Agenda Items for Annual Planning

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November 22, 2017
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January 31, 2018

Take advantage of the fresh, clean feeling a New Year can bring.

Many companies have calendar-fiscal years. The annual meeting is a quarterly meeting on steroids – adding exercises to build team health as well as revisit the 3-year picture and 1-year plan.

Here are the essential elements of an annual meeting. Each agenda item is designed to move your team through the process:

  1. Check-in
    • What’s Working – What’s Not Working. This is a chance for each member of the leadership team to talk about the great progress of the year – and also “get it off their chest”: describe issues. What or who is ‘pissing you off’…
  2. Review the Past Quarter
    • Quarterly rocks done / not done?
    • Did you hit your revenue and profit goals?
  3. Review the Year
    • Goals met / not met?
    • Did you hit your revenue and profit goals?
  4. Team Health Exercise
    • Get to know each other better to strengthen the team. A healthy team can communicate issues when they see them. Problems are identified and solved more quickly.
  5. SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
    • Discover additional issues
  6. Check the Vision
    • Is everyone still on the same page and in agreement?
  7. Create a New 3-Year Picture
    • What are the revenue & profit goals 3 years from now?
    • What does the organization look like?
    • What is your role that year?
  8. Create a New 1-Year Plan
    • What do you need to accomplish this year to take a step towards the 3-year Picture?
    • Revenue? Profit?
  9. Set Quarterly Rocks
    • What needs to happen in the next 90 days to make sure you accomplish your goals for the year?
  10. Resolve or Compartmentalize Key Issues
    • All during the meeting, keep a “parking lot” list of Issues that come up.
    • Decide the priority of these issues. Plan when you’ll be able to address them. (Today? This Quarter? After this quarter?)

Having the top minds of the business regularly getting together – using a structure to plan the future is the best investment you can make in your business.